Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's A Wrap!

When I first began this blog several years ago, my goal was to find and connect 500 Texas bloggers. The initial list began with just 8 to 10 of us who had already "found" each other. The list began to grow and grow. After we hit that 500 mark, I found it difficult to just quit. So the numbers continued upward! 

With the list now well over that mark, I have found it more and more difficult to manage and update. I have in reality been ignoring it because of the effort to update on a regular basis. Thus after months of struggling and debating.....I will be closing the "Texas-Blogging Gals." 

I will be leaving this current list up for a month or so longer. It's been great! Happy Blogging!


  1. Well I totally understand your decision. Thank you for bringing all of us together. It's nice to get to know quilters from near and far in Texas. I salute you, girlfriend.
    Take care!!

  2. I just made a copy of the list, so I would have it. I can totally understand the amount of work involved and for that, I not only thank you, I applaud you!

  3. As a former Texas Blogger, I give you a hearty thank you! You brought a lot of new friends my way. :) Best wishes to you!

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  5. I just moved to Texas and will be making a copy of your list before you disappear. Thanks! Susie - Recovering Church Lady

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