Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I need it!

Does anyone know why on some of your  personal blog sidebars for "Texas Blogging Gals" it always says the last post was "2 Months Ago?" I have checked settings and can find nothing. That is very misleading to all of you as I update our list one or two times each month!

Any ideas?


  1. The link may be incorrect on the blogs? Just a thought? BTW - I have to tell you that I've proudly changed my blog name from "a yankee quilter" to "west texas threads". So happy to be a new Texan!! My blog address is now Thanks for including me on the list :)

  2. Oh man, I just noticed that?!?!! I have no idea - for some reason the gadget isn't registering your postings - but it shows up in my daily blog feeder as current - I have never heard of this before - This sounds like a question for Sneaky Momma!

  3. No clue but Blogger Help may be able to give some answers.
    Burrrrrr from somewhere near Palestine, TX!!!

  4. I don't know either but want to get the word out about One World One Heart Event. Visit my blog for a link to over 800 blogs that are giving 'door prizes' from artists and crafters from around the world. Enter my drawings for all natural body butters and a wallet I made! It is so fun to meet so many wonderful creative folks and a lot of them are Texans!