Saturday, August 14, 2010

Giveaways are now closed. Winners will be announced tomorrow!

I'm throwing a party. With the help of several special friends, we are having a party to celebrate our new milestone --- 400 Texas Blogging Gals! I hope you have enjoyed getting to know some of these truly wonderful bloggers from our great state as much as I have.

So here's the deal. We have not one, two or three giveaways. We have FOUR! That's right. Four hostesses have graciously offered to help me treat some lucky Texas women.

First, we have Lynn from BriCo Jewelry Designs. She will be offering an awesome Texas pendant necklace.

Next, we have Sharon over at Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews. She will be giving away a gift basket that includes a couple of good books and some extra special goodies.

Then, we have Laura at White Spray Paint. She is treating someone to a great turquoise necklace.

Finally, Paula over at Snail Mail Notes is giving away a collection of her Texas items. Her notecards, stickers, labels, and notecards are so cute. Prices range from $0.50 to $2.00. So her collection of $20 will  get the winner alot of good stuff.

To get in on the "Texas" giveaways is very easy! You must be a Texas blogger. Makes sense, right?

So just leave a comment telling us at least one thing you love about Texas.

The giveaway will close September 1.

Between now and then be sure to hop over to our blogs--Lynn, Sharon, Laura, Paula and me--to say hello. We would love to chat with you!

If you are a Texas blogger who just found us and want to be included on the list, leave a comment with your blog name, blog address, and your region number (see map on the sidebar). Then we are good to go! I'll get you on the next updated list.


  1. I can't believe we can only leave one thing we LOVE about TEXAS! But if it is just one I would have to say no matter where in Texas I go people are so friendly in Texas......thanks for gathering Texas bloggers and maybe someday we can all have a weekend meet......sounds fun doesn't it.

  2. oh, I love Belinda's idea of a weekend meet of Texas bloggers! Count me in -- and thanks for the party. What good Texas girl doesn't love a party??

  3. Love the idea of a Texas Bloggers meet!!!

    hmmm....what I love about Texas is TEXAS!!! I love that you can go anywhere in the world and draw the outline of our state in the sand and it is instantly recognized. I love that we have mountains, beaches, forests, and desserts....small towns and vast wilderness and I love that we have FIVE of the United States 20 largest cities...and each one has it's own unique culture and appearance. I love that we have CEOs of major corporations and the best Bubbas in the world....and I love our state's history - no other state can claim the rich heritage we can. And lastly....I love that each and every person living here will tear up and their heart will swell with pride when they are able to tell someone they live in Texas and if you don't like it here....don't let the Longhorn hit you in the a$$ on your way back across the boarder.

  4. One thing that I love about Texas?!?!? Geez, how do I name one??? The PEOPLE!! People from Texas are so friendly! Oh...the Scenery..I LOVE how diverse Texas really is "A Whole other Country" Hmmm...maybe it's the food...Texas has some of the BEST food!! Not just steak and BBQ either. The FOOTBALL..I'm a Longhorns Fan personally, but I just love a good Football Game, no matter the team!! Choices Choices...Can I just say EVERYTHING about Texas (hey, Everything is ONE word!! LOL)

  5. There's not much that I don't love about Texas! The friendly people, food from brisket to chicken fried steak and tex-mex...yum! My family...they all live here! We have so much heritage... for cryin' out loud, it used to be it's own nation at one time! Texas is awesome!

  6. What a nifty idea!! And ditto on the blog meeting sometime!! What do I love most about Texas? Oh that is a hard question because there are so many things! But the top of my list would have to be the friendly people!!

  7. You ask what I like about Texas? These awesome Texas things come to mind!

    I love Texans!
    I love our Big Sky!
    Great sunsets!
    Beautiful beaches,lakes and rivers!
    Bluebonnets in the rolling hills!
    Awesome soaring pines and the flat plains!
    Ranches, oil derricks, farmland, tumbleweed!
    Great Texas music, George Strait and Willie!
    Cowboys, boots and hats!

    I love everything about Texas and I love that Texans take their sports and patriotism very seriously. Texans do have a special spirit and great big hearts of gold!

    Love the talk about a Texas Blogger Party!


  8. Everything's bigger in Texas! I love that there's such a sense of state pride and friendship. I love the cool shape. . .how dull to live in a square state! LOL I love the bluebonnets, Tex-Mex, and steak!

    That's more than one, but even comments are bigger in Texas! LOL

  9. Oh, for sure Tex Mex and Blue Bell, my family history and heritage that is here, the flag and that we are so proud of it. What other state decorates so prolifically with their state flag? I love the variety of places & landscapes, nature and people, the music, open roads, back roads, and the great Texan accents!

  10. What I love about Texas. Where to begin. I love the people (well most of them), the food, the different landscape, the flowers and that's just the top of the list. Thanks Diana for putting together this wonderful blog of fellow Texas bloggers! :)

  11. I love the big Texas sky, friendly people and great autumns and winters~

  12. I love so many things about Texas, but the first thing that came to mind is the friendly people. It's where I met my sweet hubby too! (He is a transplant!)

  13. I love the cactus in Texas because you can burn the stickers off for the cattle to eat when the grass is dry and short. The best part is when you get all the little stickers picked out of your skin when you have fallen into a pear bush.

  14. I do love the wildflowers, and the great parks and roads, and education opportunities! So many great time you do this, let me know and I can offer a prize, too!


  15. We just moved to this beautiful state on July 15th! What a beautiful state it is!!! After only about a month here, I have to say I love the big beautiful skies - I feel like I am in a snowglobe! Beautiful blues, cotton white clouds, a universe of stars at night - it's all just beautiful :) I am so happy that we decided to make the move from the great state of Maine. I loved Maine, but I have a feeling that Texas is going to be my new love!

  16. I am a Texas transplant, and living in North Carolina gave a huge appreciation for my favorite thing about Texas. It may seem shallow, but ladies, if you have lived elsewhere you know what I'm talking about. Tex-Mex food is my favorite thing about Texas. When we moved here it was the first thing we ate, even before unpacking a single box.
    Y'all are invited to my Beach Week blog party that starts tomorrow. Come by and link up your beachy posts.

  17. I love Texas Pride!!! No other state has members who love their homeland as much as we do!!!

  18. I lived away from Texas for a while! I lived in Canada...and people are sooooo jealous when they learn you are from Texas! I love the wildflowers (the bluebonnets), the summers, mesquite trees and cactus. I love it all!

  19. What's not to love?? If I have to name just one it would be the sense of pride that Texan's have (and cowboys in wranglers)!

  20. Sent over by Lynn with BriCo!

    My FAVORITE thing about Texas is... The PEOPLE!! Nothing better in Texas than the people!!

    I'm a Texas Blogger as well... My Blog is and I am located in region 4!

  21. What is not to love about Texas.... OK snakes don't rank high on the list at all. I even love the 100+ heat days..... Wouldn't trade states with anyone...... I do love all the great places to visit in Texas and the dancing....and Warrenton

    I'm a Texas Blogger..... my blog is
    looks like I'm in region 2 close to 6?

  22. I've only been to TX once in my life and that was when I was a little girl, but the thing I love most about it that one of my very best friends from high school lives there! Her name is Olivia and she has red hair and a terrific personality. She is an asset to TX and makes TX proud!

  23. I have yet to see a view more beautiful than a Texas sunrise or sunset. God seems to have searched through all the beauty in the world and combined the best in to our state. The wildflowers in the spring, the hot summer nights with star-filled skies, the amazing food, the friendly people and our rich heritage make for an adventurous, unique atmosphere. The amazing ability to drive from East to West, North to South and see so many different climates, landscapes and cultures and still fill that small Texas town vibe is a blessing we Texans hold dear. We've got it all, the most beautiful women, the cool pine trees, the amazing beaches, the hot smoldering plains, the mountains, the canyons, the rivers, the rain and the drought. There is beauty all around us and it is no wonder we Texans are a proud group of people. We all love our Lone Star State!

  24. I was thinking we could all meet up too, like maybe even just each area could meet. I bet if you posted you could get some voulnteers from each area to be in charge of organizing it for their area..

    I think guest posters would be fun too. Like people could submit via email a post then we could get to know each others blogs.

    I love how friendly people in Texas are!

    Thanks for doing this.
    Let me know if you need help wtih anything.

  25. I just ran across this Texas Blog and I couldn't help but comment!! What a neat blog. I would love to be added to the blogging list.

    I believe I would be region #4, but I am not 100% sure. I am in Houston.

  26. So much talent....
    so much to share.....
    so typical TEXAS!
    First, I love the
    people of Texas and
    their independent
    spirits! Next, I'm
    just crazy about
    Texas in the springtime,
    with all of the wild-
    flowers blooming by
    the side of the roads.
    I also love the barns
    and old farmhouses that
    you see on road trips.
    Wonderful stuff, all : )
    xx Suzanne

  27. I love EVERYTHING about Texas! From the wildflowers to the great people, it's all good.

  28. I love my state Texas because of all the kind people that live in our state.
    Awesome place to have grown up in and to raise my family.

  29. You Texas gals sure know how to throw a fun party! My folks are in Texas...waaaaay down in Texas. Brownsville in fact, just sayin........

    God bless ya and have a glorious day!!

  30. I LOVE this blog and would love to be added!

    I'm in region 1

  31. Just found ya'all! I am a Texan at heart, have lived here for about ten years now, and would love to be added to your list.

  32. I love that we invented recipes using beef skirts or every fast food chain in the world is getting in on the act, but the original is 100% Texas! It's what the rest of the world does, they try to copy Texans.And I agree about having the most easily identified state profile...I love that we have state pride...OK, I'm getting misty eyed...put my name in the hat for the drawings, please. Oh, yes, our children say please and thank you and you're welcome.

  33. Love the wide open spaces, the friendly faces;loads of sunshine, in a state I call mine!! Count me in~~~

  34. I love Dr Pepper and how I can call it a coke without getting made fun of.

  35. One thing I love about TEXAS?? When I open my mouth and speak, no matter where I am, everyone knows exactly where I am from! I love that! The special drawl that TEXANS have! Nobody from anywhere else sounds like we do! That is one thing I love.....this list is pretty cool too!

  36. I love the wildflowers!

    Actually, I was just coming to make a suggestion, not enter the party (though might as well, huh?). I found this meme the other day with a Mr. Linky where people could leave the link of their best post of the week. Wouldn't that be fun to do here? It wouldn't have to be could be their best post of the month. Hers is called "Saturday Sampling" ( ). If we did it maybe we could call it "The Best of Texas Blogging Gals" or something like that. I'd even be happy to make you a button for it. Let me know what you think!

    ecarian at yahoo dot com

  37. I love that we can go from one end of the state and experience a wide range of landscapes! from mountains, rivers, ocean/gulf, piney woods, hill country and flatlands.

  38. As a transplant from the Midwest, the FIRST thing I loved, and still love, about Texas is that I can say, "y'all" — even in the workplace. I included this tidbit in my first letter to my Mom after arriving here because she often corrected me whenever I used it. But from Houston to Dallas to Corpus to San Antone, you'll hear "y'all" tossed around from the boardroom to the pulpit!

  39. I love lots about Texas. Tex-Mex, wildflowers and saying y'all are some of my favorites mentioned here =)

    Howdy to y'all and how fun to find so many gals from our great big state!

    I'm geographically challenged but I live in the north Houston area.


  40. Hi there. I'm a Texas quilter who lives in section 2.
    I've been piecing quilts for about 20 years and have recently discovered the world of machine embroidery.