Friday, February 5, 2010

Ok, Girls! We are ridin' high today!
We now have 87 members.

Important: Remember if you are a Texas blogger and want to be included, leave me a comment with your blog name and address. Then we are good to go!

1 Little Texas Love Nest Erin
2 Abiding Branch Chel
3 According to Christa Christa
4 Add More Chocolate Renee
5 Alamo North Nola
6 Always Nesting Marla
7 Attracted to Shiny Objects Debbie
8 Beth's Favorite Recipes Beth
9 Blessings Beyond Patty
10 Bunny Jeans Décor…and More! Bunny Jean
11 Carol's Corner Carol
12 Chronicles of Neely Neely
13 Civilla's Fish Bowl Civilla
14 Confessions of a Hungry Girl Keelie
15 Cowgirl at Heart Charla
16 Cozy Little House Brenda
17 Darlene's Days Darlene
18 Den's Daily Life Denise
19 Discover Simple Mrs. D
20 Donna's In the Attic Donna
21 Eclectic Pink Rose Teresa
22 Eddins Family Story Belinda
23 Elizabeth McKenzie Elizabeth
24 From My Front Porch To Yours Pamela
25 Full Life, Simple Heart Kathryn
26 Glimpse of My World Valerie
27 Hospitable Pursuits Lisa
28 It's a Hodgepodge Life Gay
29 Joyintheburbs Joy
30 Katie's Journey Katie
31 Lady Liberty Patriot Terry
32 Lady of the House Queenie
33 Ladybug from Texas Deb
34 Laughing Duck Farm Melodie
35 Leaving a Legacy Chel
36 Life in My Nest Teresa
37 Live Laugh Love Kristi
38 Living by Faith, Hope and Love Stacey
39 Meadowview Thymes Linda
40 Mille Fleur Cathy
41 Mocha with Linda Linda
42 Moving forward with Alzheimer's Dolores
43 Ms. Sharlotte's Reflections Sharotte
44 My Bella Rose Sandra
45 My Cup Runneth Over Bridgett
46 My Garden Hat Janera
47 New Beginnings Lissa Lynn
48 New Day New Seasons Tara
49 Nobody Puts Mama in a Corner Mama Holli
50 Nonna's News Patti
51 Note Songs Sheila
52 Of His Pasture Debbie
53 One Life Lived Marilyn
54 Raindrops and Rainbows Bethany
55 Ramirez Family Ashley
56 Red Writing Keelie
57 Rich Gifts Edie
58 RiverBend Farm Berte
59 Salty Sister from Salt Creek Ranch Jerriann
60 Sand Flat Farm Vickie
61 Sandy's Scripture and Prayer to Share Sandy
62 Seriously, Simply, Shelley Shelley
63 Shabby Chic Diva's Pink Corner Winona
64 Southern Inspiration Suzanne
65 Steps to Grace Becky
66 Susan's Colorful Life Susan
67 Sweet Nothings…A Nesting Place BJ
68 Tales From My Empty Nest Melinda
69 Texan Sandy
70 Texas Playwright Chick Cher
71 Texas Preacher Woman Pamm
72 Texas Tufa Tufa Girl
73 Texifornia Gale
74 The Brick Street Bungalow Noni
75 The Colorado Lady Suzanne
76 The Freckled Bug Andrea
77 The Gypsychic Amy
78 The Nerd's Wife Arena
79 The Postell Family Jaci
80 The Return Home Miss A
81 The Texas Darlings Becca
82 The Texas Rose Cottage Dee Dee
83 The Williamsons Courtney
84 Three Sons and a Daughter Jennifer
85 To Everything A Season Diana
86 Tracy's Garden and Things Tracy
87 Traveling Longhorns Jennifer


  1. My blog is called Punchy Pink Martinis and my name is Meg.

  2. HEY! I WANNA BE IN ON THIS!!!! I'm on a Raw Food Journey. I'm in Houston and my blog is

    WHAT FUN!!!!! Do I go ahead and grab the Texas Gals Blogging button andput it on my site?

  3. Hi, I would love to be added as well :)

  4. terry

  5. My blog is The Parkerson's and my name is Heather.

  6. What fun! I'll have to find some time to visit the new ones.

  7. OOOps...sorry but my conf. of a HG is now called REAL FAT. lol.

  8. I forgot to mention my blog address when I posted a comment before

    Lone Star Queen at


  9. Diana: just sent you an email (from your profile page). May have gone into your spam box - please let me know. Thanks for all you do to unite Texas Blogging Gals! Whoopee - yeehaw!

  10. Yeehaw...sign me up
    Dawn at
    Great we just need a conference/get together with Beth Moore speaking! Ha!

  11. i'm a houston chick!

    i'm a photographer and all parts of texas are my favorite places to shoot!

    sign me up!

  12. Fort Worth area chick here!

  13. I saw this button on another blog and had to check it out! I would love to join!

    My blog is

    Scotti in Tyler

  14. Would love to be added to the list of Texas bloggers. Thanks!

    Angela at The Potter's Hand

  15. Hi,
    I'm Yoli Kalkofen, the Apron Senorita. I'm a native Texas, enjoying life in the Texas Hill Country. I would love to be added to the Texas Blogger list.

    Blog Name: Apron Senorits
    Blog Link:

    Thanks, Yoli :)

  16. Hey from Georgetown. I'd love to be added.